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People On TikTok Are Sharing Life Hacks, So We Tried 7 Of The Most Viral Ones

Well, you’re in the right place! We’re Daniella and Farrah — two people who watch way too much TikTok. We noticed a trend of people posting certain ~life hacks~ on TikTok and thought, Whoa, that’s kind of cool. BUT DOES IT WORK? So we chose eight of the most viral TikTok hacks and tried them out for ourselves! A...

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Marble-Wrapped Supercars Are the Newest Trend for Mega-Rich Car Enthusiasts

The mega-rich do with their super cars as they please, for better or worse. The owner of a Ferrari 812 Super fast and Bentley Bentayga SUV has had both vehicles vinyl-wrapped to look like they’ve been draped in white marble, perhaps the most blatant way to tell everyone in town that you’re the most opulent and refined of...

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Jeff Bezos buys Warner Estate in Beverly Hills for record $165 mn; surpasses media executive Lachlan Murdoch’s $150-mn Chartwell estate deal

Los Angeles: Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest person, has purchased a Beverly Hills mansion known as the Warner Estate from media mogul David Geffen for $165 million, a source familiar with the deal said on Wednesday. Read More Click here

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US kills Qassim al-Raymi, leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen

President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States had killed Qassim al-Raymi, the leader of Islamist group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), in a counterterrorism operation in Yemen. Read More Click Here

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This Epic Pirate Cat Has Spent Her Whole Life Sailing the Ocean (Look)

An intrepid feline known as Miss Rigby has spent her entire life sailing the ocean with her family. Known to be the most ‘dog-like’ of all cat breeds, this American Burnese has lived on a boat with her owners Shane and Maryvonne since she was a kitten. more read clickhere

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US Elections 2020: Democratic Party faces embarrassment in Iowa caucus due to result delay

Democratic party officials in Iowa worked furiously Tuesday to deliver the delayed results of their first-in-the-nation caucus, as frustrated presidential candidates claimed momentum and plowed ahead in their quest for the White House for more read click here  

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3 brothers under age 6 all diagnosed with same form of eye cancer

It’s hard to have one child battling cancer. Now imagine having three. That’s the reality for one pair of Atlanta, Ga., parents, who have three sons fighting the exact same form of eye cancer At only four weeks old, their first child for more read Click here

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Iowa caucus: Chaos at key vote as results delayed

Results from voting in Iowa, the first round in the contest to pick a Democratic candidate to face President Donald Trump, have been plunged into chaos by apparent technology issues. The state’s Democratic party said the holdup was a “reporting issue”, adding that it expected to “have numbers …. read more click here

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“Are You Joking?”

A woman canceling on her date at the last minute via text is “the Dress” of social interactions. for more click here

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How Global Trade Runs on U.S. Dollars

Nearly 90% of international transactions in 2019 were in U.S. dollars, giving the U.S. extraordinary power over nearly every entity that imports or exports anything anywhere. Here’s how the global economy runs on the U.S. dollar -- and why some countries are trying to chip away at its dominance. for more click here..

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